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The easy way to make your train travel up to 40% cheaper

Split ticketing helps you find cheap train tickets by simply splitting your journey across two or more tickets. Thousands of people now enjoy rail travel that's up to 40% cheaper thanks to TrainSplit.

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How does split ticketing work?

With our site it’s quick and easy. Imagine you're travelling from Birmingham to Leeds:

  • A return ticket costs £61.10*.
  • With TrainSplit you can buy a train ticket from Birmingham to Derby, another from Derby to Sheffield and finally one from Sheffield to Leeds, all for just £40.10.
  • That's a big saving of £21.00.

*All fares quoted are Off-Peak (returning the same day) and accurate as of May 2017. Saving at peak times can be even greater.

What do I need to do to get cheaper train tickets?

Using TrainSplit is speedy and simple. Our powerful search engine will find you the cheapest train tickets ready for you to make your booking.

Will I have to get on and off the train with split ticketing?

You can relax and enjoy the journey! Even with multiple tickets, you stay onboard. If you’re in First Class, you may have to move seats (but not disembark the train) if they have been pre-allocated.

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